A Story of Growth

City of Järvenpää

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City of Järvenpää is ready for romance – be part of our story of growth!

Urban development at full speed
City of Järvenpää is the fastest growing city in Finland with a population of 44 000 and over 1 000 housing units built in 2017 alone. As a part of the Helsinki metropolitan area, just 20 minutes from the International Airport of Helsinki, Järvenpää offers a perfect mixture of history, culture and nature in a fast-paced urban environment.

Re-live the romance of Jean Sibelius
In the early 1900’s, Järvenpää was the incubator of art, music and culture. On the shores of Lake Tuusula Jean Sibelius among others found innovation and passion for his musical masterpieces. In 2019, Järvenpää has reclaimed its position as the blooming hotspot of creative entrepreneurship, art and culture. As a compact sized city with superb access to commuter train network, Järvenpää is a city of choice for well-educated, art and culture consuming youngsters.

City Facts:
• Population 44,000
• Number of companies 2,500
• Over 1,000 housing units produced in 2017
• The fastest growing city in Finland
• Regional centre of business and commerce
• The hometown of Jean Sibelius

Upcoming residential area for elderly people. The area combines the sense of community in a modern way.

Pictures: Timo Happonen, Petri Kauppi, Siren Arkkitehdit Oy and City of Järvenpää

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